World Teachers Programme Cross-Curricular Workshop: Debate training

The workshop will focus on

  1. A small background in debate technique, motion setting, judging and debate formats
  2. Specific lesson activities to incorporate into classes so as to use debate as part of CLIL methodology, enabling students to develop critical thinking and practice their speaking, listening and writing skills.


Goal & results

Teachers will gain an insight into debating as a competitive activity as practiced by many students in high schools and universities the world over. They will obtain useful ideas for lesson activities that are directly applicable into various subjects, and practice with how to lead those classroom activities productively.


Place & Time

The workshop starts at 15.15 hrs in Leiden and ends around 17.00 hrs.

Teacher: Luciën de Bruin (Wolfert Tweetalig)


Participation is free for members of the Onderwijsnetwerk Zuid-Holland (Bètasteunpunt Zuid-Holland en het Regionaal Steunpunt Leiden) and schools involved with the World Teachers Programme. The cost of participation for teachers not affiliated with an ONZ or WTP school is €300. You will be asked for the name and address of your school or organization when you register for the workshop. The invoice will automatically be sent to the address you provide.

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